Need a New Toilet? We’re here to help

Are you struggling to identify which features you require from a new toilet? Perhaps the terminology is a bit confusing, or maybe you want to understand more about how individual products flushing mechanisms work, then this guide is for you.

In addition to the above, we shall be spending time researching various parts of toilets, top brand names, and suitable products for different price points. Keep checking back as this buying guide will be updated with new information as time goes by.

To begin this journey, we will start off with brands. Two of the major players include KOHLER and TOTO, as well as some lesser known names such as Caroma and Duravit. Then you have some mid tier price range options like Sterling and Gerber. But with all these options available to us, which one should you choose? For us, TOTO produce the top rated toilets on the market. Not just in design, but also functionality whilst keeping prices competitive. Compared to many others we’ve installed, there are very few defects which reduces your chances of sending it back for return.

The next thing potential buyers should be looking at is gallons per flush. In the past, it was true that high efficiency toilets were lest effective at flushing waste from the bowl. However, recent technological advances mean this is no longer the case. For there are now toilets that produce a 1000g MaP rating whilst retaining all the low flow features that consumers enjoy, this article explains the MaP ranking in detail. Look for products with a EPA WaterSense label. These will be easy to spot and highlight whether or not a toilet is efficient. Compared to 1.6 GPF options, they save 20% more, which is quite significant over a longer period of time.

Accessibility won’t be high on many consumers priority list. However, ADA compliant ones ensure people from all backgrounds are accommodated in your home. It’s sensible to look for toilet bowls that are taller than seventeen inches from the base of the bowl to the seat. Manufacturers label such bowls differently. Names that frequently pop up include chair height, right height, or even comfort height. The science behind this design is that you don’t need to bend down as far to get seated, which is great on several joints and muscles.

Moving on to budgeting now. Before you buy anything, you should always have a rough idea of what you’re willing to spend. But at the same time, this should be well balanced as being too cheap can result in you buying a substandard product. We recommend setting aside at minimum four hundred dollars. This should get you a decent mid tier toilet from market leaders such as TOTO or American standard.

Something else that should be researching is the rough in. This will arguably be the most important piece of knowledge you have as it will determine if a toilet fits into the waste outlet or not. To put it simply, the rough in size is the distance between the wall and the middle of the outlet. Typically this will be twelve inches, but it’s important you double check this before you part with your cash.

Finally, do you want an elongated bowl or round bowl? A common question consumers have when shopping. For people aiming for comfort, elongated bowls will be a great fit. However, not everyone has the luxury of a large bathroom. If you’re one of those people, and have a small bathroom, a round bowl will do a better job in saving space.

The points listed above are the main things to look out for. Make sure you read through the guide to ensure you understand each individual spec. This knowledge will help you find a toilet that’s well suited to your home. We also provide additional resources like our features guide to help.