Key features of toilets. A simple guide.

How do you choose the best toilet? It’s a conundrum for many people, whether it’s building a new home, or putting in a whole new bathroom, complete with the various hardware and fixtures. There are a few things to keep track of though, if you want to find a high quality toilet. Some of these things I’ll outline underneath in layman terms.

ADA bowl – The Americans with disabilities act contains a number of design tweaks in their criteria than ensures people of all abilities are accounted for. The main tweak in this case is the height of the toilet bowl. Whilst standard toilets are found to be below seventeen inches, and usually in the sixteen inch range with a seat, ADA, or “Comfort Height” measure between seventeen and nineteen inches making them a great option for people who may have issues bending down, or general mobility. Most manufacturers will label them as ADA, however, some will simply call them comfort, right height, chair height, or universal height. They all mean the same thing, so keep an eye out for those terms when shopping.

Flush performance – Some buyers focus too much on how nice a toilet looks. This is the wrong way to go about searching something suitable for your restroom. In our opinion, people should start by looking at how powerful the flush is via MaP rating (0-1000g) and go from there. This lays a strong foundation for performance and weeds out the poor quality options from the get go. Stick with toilets achieving more than 300g on this scale and you will be fine.

Mounting – Think about how you’re going to mount your toilet. Wall hung and floor mounted are your only real options here. Floor mounted toilets will be simpler to install, but there is still plenty of positives to be found in wall mounted options. Especially in the aesthetics department.

Brand – Which toilet manufacturer you pick will determine the overall quality. In our experience, there are only a handful of big names that impress us on a consistent basis and those include KOHLER, TOTO, American Standard, and Mansfield. There are alternatives to these, but these could be seen as the safe choice to many. What’s more, if you look at what consumers say about them in reviews around the web at places such as Home Depot and Amazon, you’ll notice them constantly achieving positive feedback across the board.

These four points should form the foundations of your hunt for a good toilet, by keeping them in mind, you have a great chance of finding your ideal loo.