Use MaP toilet performance rating to your advantage

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. MaPs toilet ratings system is a excellent way to identify potential toilets with a strong flush. This is used as an industry standard, with many well known makes going to them to receive an unbiased rating that consumers can use to their advantage.

What this may highlight is that the top toilets¬†aren’t always what they seem. Some lesser known products can have far better flushing performance than the best selling products. And thats why we suggest looking into this before you buy anything.

The system itself is quite easy to understand, they place objects of certain mass into the bowl which they then flush. How it performs then gets graded on a scale of zero to one thousand. One thousand being the most promising, zero not being recommended.

And whilst specific features of toilets certainly shouldn’t be ignored, information on flushing power and its mechanism should be high on your list of priorities. Just be aware, that some of the most powerful units also consume a lot of water, so if you’re after a highly efficient toilet, you’ll want to find the right balance between a good score on the MaP scale and gallons per flush.